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All contents © 2011
by Brian andLori Ann Curley

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What is Critters' Day?
What is the Suburban Charred Meat Festival?
What is Life Day?

What is Critters' Day?
    Critters' Day, orginally called Cats' Day, started many years ago when we decided to have a birthday party for our cats - at the time Goober and Lunch. Because our girls loved a traditional Thanksgiving feast, that is what we cooked for them, usually around the end of March or beginning of April because Goober's birthday was March 15 and Lunch's birthday was April 15, aka Tax Day. One year, we actually invited friends and family and asked them to bring donations for the Dane County Humane Society in lieu of gifts. It was a fun party.
    The tradition evolved over the years to include our puppy Nibbler, thus the change to "Critters' Day", and it's now held in early May because our current critters's birthdays take place throughout the summer and early fall. We still have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but the guest list usually comprises our gaming group, who bring the sides and desserts.

What is the Suburban Charred Meat Festival?
    The Suburban Charred Meat Festival is the alternate name for our annual Independence Day Party. We provide the meat, which also includes Boca products for the vegetarians and vegans among our family and friends. We ask that guests bring sides, desserts, beverages (including alcohol), lawn chairs, and fireworks to share. We provide some of this, too. Leave any fireworks that fly into the air at home. Anything that is lit and stays on the ground is okay. Remember that we live only two blocks from the police and fire stations.

What is Life Day?
    On December fifth when Lori was fifteen, she tried to commit suicide because she battled depression for the first time and just wanted the pain and stress to end. Mercifully, friends found her and stopped her. The next day, one of them showed her a beautiful sunset and said, "See what you would have missed?" Since then, Lori has celebrated what she calls "Life Day", and no, she did not get the name for this tradition from the Star Wars Holiday Special, which she has never seen. Rather, she celebrates the fact that she still is alive by taking the day off of work, watching the sunset at approximately 4:23 PM, then watching It's a Wonderful Life, which is her favorite holiday film.